Newest Addiction: Workflowy

I used to rely on Google Tasks a lot. I would make my lists and use it to plan my day. The great thing about tasks is you can add categories and group things together.

Unfortunately you cannot be completely confident around Google productions lately, as products that don’t fit the main business direction are shut down. That’s their absolute right, but it means you have to be cautious about relying on any of their products.

The upside is finding a new product to use and Workflowy (in my own opinion) blows Google Tasks out of the water.

What is it?

Workflowy is one giant list. A document with a lot of bullet points. You are essentially making one big list of things.

So what’s the point?

The magic of Workflowy is the fact that you can click on a single bullet point and zoom into it. Suddenly that single bullet point is a brand new document, and you can add a new list to it along with other notes. You can then zoom out to a higher level. Each bullet point is a document in its own right.

I can write one bullet point for home and another for work. Inside the work point I can have a bullet point for each project I’m working on, and then inside each project I can list the tasks I’ve got to do. I can zoom into a single project and focus completely on that, or jump across to another project and see everything I’m working on there.

I even use it to take notes in meetings. We have a tablet in the company and I use Workflowy on it (there are a few UI niggles but it’s pretty workable) to make notes. Under the work point I’ve a point for meetings, and under that is the meeting name and date. I can jump back instantly to previous meetings to find what I wrote down then.

Another great feature is I can share part of a list with someone else. Currently I’m working on a particular project with someone else and so I’ve shared that bullet point with them. The rest of the document is mine privately, but that bullet point (and everything under it) can be seen by others and manipulated by others.

All it is currently missing is a way to add a date to a point to alert you of it (there is a tagging feature using #hashtags, but it doesn’t quite work the same as a proper date system would). Other than that though I’m sold on it.

If you use tasks lists throughout your day you should consider giving Workflowy a go. Make sure you watch their help videos, they’re all short but they really demonstrate the magic of this project.

Google, you’re free to shutdown tasks if you wish. I’ve moved on.

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