WD Smartware + Memory Hog

My laptop has been running slow for a while. It’s always confused me as I would only be running Chrome and nothing else. Nothing ever showed up inside the processes window, and yet my memory was paging.

I don’t know why I never actually looked at the resource monitor, it never occurred to me. But when I did, I found a program running as part of WD Smartware was taking up nearly 2 gigs of memory.

WD Smartware is the software managing an external hard drive I have. I’ve not actually plugged it in to my laptop for a year. Yet the software was running hidden in the background taking up an unreasonable about of resources.

I uninstalled it, and suddenly my available memory spiked, and I stopped paging. It was brilliant.

So if you are running a WD Smartware drive, take a look at your resources for a process called WDFME.exe and maybe consider uninstalling it.

Here’s a link to a forum thread with other people reporting the problem.

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