I was given a 2DS and the newest Pokémon game for Christmas (so very spoiled).

Having played the series since it began (when I was 10 years old), I can safely say this is the best edition yet. Just the simple UI and gameplay enhancements have made this so great.

Things like:

  • Exp Share: Experience is much easier to gain, taking away some of the horrors with grinding
  • Capture Exp: You finally get experience for a capture instead of a knockout
  • Rollerskates: Much easier to zip around on (plus leaving the X/Y axis is great)
  • Internet Features: Trading, battling, GTS from anywhere is brilliant, plus seeing your online friends.
  • Wonder Trade: Trading a pokémon you have for another, at random (you don’t know what you’ll get). I’ve had good hits, and bad ones, but it’s always fun.

They’ve done well. Now bring on Pokémon Bank, so I can have by shiny pink Crobat in all her 3D glory.

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