Bacon Wrapped Chicken + Creamy Wine Sauce

Tonight I will be attempting to make the recipe learned at Social Cooking, a bacon wrapped piece of chicken with a creamy wine sauce. Really hoping this turns out well, as it was great on the night. Will edit this post later with the results. EDIT: Have added the picture. It turned out OK, although […]

Laptop Webcams

After reading the news about webcams on laptops being hacked and taking pictures for hackers, I feel my paranoia is justified. Every laptop I’ve ever owned has had the camera disabled and then a piece of tape stuck over it. Even if it never got hacked, the idea of someone watching me creeped me out. […]

Blinking Lights

My desktop computer has a big plaster stuck to the front. It doesn’t look the greatest, but it serves a purpose. Namely to stop the blinking lights driving me mad at night. Hardware builders have a thing for blinking lights. That’s great, but my desktop is in my bedroom (shared house) and so it’s either […]

Happy New Year

I’ve actually made some resolutions for this year. Will see how well they last. Do more cooking (as sometimes when I get home from work I can’t be bothered) Drink less Coke Zero (a little bit of an addiction going on there) Make my lunch each day (either at home or at work) Finish some […]