It’s happening!

Just to let you all know, the book that’s on the screen in front of us – and is well underway – will be the 5th Tiffany Aching novel. — Terry Pratchett (@terryandrob) July 1, 2014 // New Discworld book!

World of Warcraft

This game has sucked me in again. Currently playing a Tauren Ret Pali but I’ve recently started a Blood Elf Frost Mage. Different servers, the Elf is on a PVP server which is different. This is pretty much the reason my outside work projects haven’t really progressed. But it’s just so damn addictive.


If I could describe Zend Framework in a few words it would be “bloated” and “confusing”. I’m used to ZF1 by now, but getting it started for a new project again takes too much effort. So along comes Laravel which is so simple it’s practically beautiful. Yet it’s still pretty powerful. So for my home […]