Moving from Windows

I’ve got a laptop that was running Windows 7 that I have barely used. So I decided to install Linux on it, to make developing easier.

I ended up picking Ubuntu because I was familiar how it works and I’ve tried it before.

Attempt #1 – Dual Booting Windows / Ubuntu

The install ran like a dream, I booted from my CD with the distro on it and installed Ubuntu in a side drive. All seemed perfect until I rebooted. I could not get the boot loader to recognise there were two operating systems on board.

Consider it a fail.

Attempt #2 – Ubuntu (+ Encrypted Drive)

I ended up backing up my documents and wiping the drive completely, installing Ubuntu on its own. Since the option was available I chose to encrypt the hard drive.

Seemed to work for a while. Unfortunately I started to get some errors – (of the variety “Ubuntu has encountered an error – send details” with no details).

I figured the encryption wasn’t worth it, so went for attempt 3.

Attempt #3 – Ubuntu

The final attempt appeared to work great. It all installed fine, and I was able to install my development tools such as Sublime Text.

That lead on to my next problem – Unity. It was acceptable, aside from the lack of customisation. My biggest problem is the search menu linking with Amazon. I know, I can turn it off (somehow) but that plus the clunkiness made me miss Windows (at least I can customise the desktop a bit).

So I’ve switched over to Gnome 3, and along with the tweak tool I’ve turned it into something I actually like. Ubuntu is great, but I’ll skip Unity until it works out the bugs. It boots damn fast and I definitely don’t miss Windows on that laptop (that’s what my desktop is for!)

What’s excellent though is being able to run a Laravel project without Vagrant!

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