Server Move

Just noticed I’d not written anything in many months. Some updates include:

  • Activated and messing around on several projects on GitHub
    • The main one of which is the asset storage system (codenamed larder) I keep trying each year
  • Joined up with vultr for server hosting
  • Moved both the larder install I’ve written and my blog from Dreamhost to Vultr

I moved mostly because as much as I liked Dreamhost, the server speed for someone here in New Zealand was terrible. No matter what there’d be several seconds of delay for simply loading a bare application. I chalk that up to distance and latency.

With Vultr, not only do I get a cheap VPS (which I’ve installed and setup how I want myself which is a lot of fun) but I can locate it pretty close (Australia). So for me at least both sites run lightning fast.

They’re pretty cheap, about $5 a month for the basic server, so I’d definitely recommend them (that’s a referral link, but here’s a plain link too).

Now to see how well I go at finishing off everything and getting the larder app all running again.

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