My name is Cody and I’m a web developer in my late twenties living in Wellington, New Zealand.

My interests are varied, I love programming and am a fan of various languages such as PHP, jQuery, HTML5, C#, CSS, Angular, Vue etc.

After programming I’m a fan of reading (I own practically every book written by Terry Pratchet), a computer game fan (sucked into World of Warcraft at the moment), music (my iPod goes everywhere with me) and my dogs.

What do I know?

I studied at UCOL in Palmerston North, getting a Bachelor in Information/Communications Technology. That introduced me to  a wide range of areas in computing, although I currently focus on the web. PHP is my main language currently (and is what I we use at my full time job). Other than that though I tend work with with web-related languages such as HTML, JS, jQuery, CSS3, LESS CSS. I’m also a fan of Linux and end up having to a lot of scripting of tasks (shell scripting is possibly the greatest thing ever). I use GitHub (for personal projects) and Gitlab (for work). I’m good at the programming side of websites, but not so good at the graphical side. Definitely don’t mistake me for a graphic designer.

What do I do?

When someone asks what I do for a job, I reply that I’m a web developer. That doesn’t mean much to anyone, but I find people really don’t want to ask for the ins-and-outs of my job.

So to expand on that, I’m a member of the development team at a awesome little company called Seekom. What Seekom does is provide a full property management system, online booking system, sales channel management system and content managed websites (in a product called iBex). Basically if you’re running a motel, this system is something you’d be interested in. It offers properties the ability to sell their rooms online in real time without having to manually approve every booking. It helps you maximize your occupancy levels and takes out the stress of having to manually update multiple sales channels with your latest inventory. We mainly work with motels/holiday parks/hotels in New Zealand, but we’ve customers in Australia and throughout Europe. Basically as far as we’re concerned, a customer should be able to book a room in your motel and pay for it all without you getting involved. Frees you up to deal with other things. OK, sales talk over.

What is this website?

It’s just  a place for me to write down things I’ve found helpful and may end up helping someone else. Like everyone else I find tips and tricks and have to write them down. They’ll mostly relate to PHP, LESS/SASS, AngularJS/Vue and jQuery, but you may find some posts about gaming as well.

You can also find me on Google Plus, Linked In and Twitter (although I’m not so frequent on any of them).