Grunt -> Elixir -> Gulp -> Webpack

I’ve jumped from using grunt as my site builder, to elixir (since it was part of Laravel), then Gulp (I decided elixir performed too much magic and I wanted to know what was happening) and finally to Webpack. Webpack is frankly amazing, and works well considering I’m trying to build sites in frameworks like VueJS. […]

Baking, Part 2

There is no part one of this post, but whatever. After watching The Great British Bake-Off far too often, I decided to start to bake again. Attempt 2, Scones, Blueberry Muffins and Biscuits. Admitted Cheat: The biscuits are Betty Crocker so don’t really count, but the rest were essentially from scratch. Slightly blue but seem OK.

New Computer

Got my new computer after saving up for months, and now I can play World of Warcraft and all my Steam games again. Time to reinstall everything again

jQuery Each

Don’t forget that $(each) and $.each() do two different things in jQuery. I’ve spent ages before banging my head because a piece of code wasn’t working as expected, and it ended up being because I wrote the wrong version of $.each. $(‘selector’).each(…) will iterate over the selected elements, while $.each(variable, …) will iterate over the […]

Debian Packages

I’m finding the package manager on Debian/Gnome3 keeps failing to open .deb files I’ve downloaded (for example dropbox). Leaving this as a note to myself to remember – but you can install them on the command line perfectly fine. dpkg -i # If it fails due to dependencies apt-get update apt-get install -f dpkg -i […]

Debian Installation + Missing Firmware

If you install debian and run into the message “Some of your hardware needs non-free firmware files to operate”, then the steps provided here will work. The only difference I found was since my main PC is Windows 10, I couldn’t use dpkg-deb to extract the packages. However 7zip works as well (since they’re just a type […]