Laptop Webcams

After reading the news about webcams on laptops being hacked and taking pictures for hackers, I feel my paranoia is justified. Every laptop I’ve ever owned has had the camera disabled and then a piece of tape stuck over it. Even if it never got hacked, the idea of someone watching me creeped me out. […]

Blinking Lights

My desktop computer has a big plaster stuck to the front. It doesn’t look the greatest, but it serves a purpose. Namely to stop the blinking lights driving me mad at night. Hardware builders have a thing for blinking lights. That’s great, but my desktop is in my bedroom (shared house) and so it’s either […]

Happy New Year

I’ve actually made some resolutions for this year. Will see how well they last. Do more cooking (as sometimes when I get home from work I can’t be bothered) Drink less Coke Zero (a little bit of an addiction going on there) Make my lunch each day (either at home or at work) Finish some […]

7 Days

Went to see the 7 Days Live Show last night at the Opera House in Wellington. The show itself was awesome. But those seats were scary. We were on the top level (the Gallery) and the seats were narrow and steep. If you slipped, you’d probably roll off the edge (and plunge several stories to […]

WD Smartware + Memory Hog

My laptop has been running slow for a while. It’s always confused me as I would only be running Chrome and nothing else. Nothing ever showed up inside the processes window, and yet my memory was paging. I don’t know why I never actually looked at the resource monitor, it never occurred to me. But […]

Bus Thoughts

A bus with Wifi is a great concept, too badĀ motion-sicknessĀ cancels out the usefulness. EDIT: Posting from a phone = bad auto corrects. A bus with Wifi, not a bus with wife.

Newest Addiction: Workflowy

I used to rely on Google Tasks a lot. I would make my lists and use it to plan my day. The great thing about tasks is you can add categories and group things together. Unfortunately you cannot be completely confident around Google productions lately, as products that don’t fit the main business direction are […]