Kindle: Wizard of Oz

Currently the complete Wizard of Oz collection is free on the Amazon Kindle website to download to your Kindle. Typically each book would cost $0.99 (US) but they’re free for now. So if you’re wanting to read the books again you should grab them now.

Standby Mode

What do my Freeview box and my external hd have in common? Unless both are powered off at the wall they will constantly flash a light. Which is all well and good except it’d be nice if I turned off my PC the stuff plugged into it would take the hint to go off as […]


If you’re going to spend an hour downloading a copy of Linux, make sure you get the version that’ll actually run on your box. I’ve got this old machine I use to run linux on, nothing fancy. Decided it was time for an upgrade, so I grabbed the ISO with my laptop and went to […]

Stupid Mistakes

Lessons learned from yesterday: Never edit the sudo users file manually Never lose the root password We have a small development box that runs a copy of Ubuntu server on it, used basically to host a database and nothing else. It isn’t mission critical, just sits by my desk. I set it up about a […]