jQuery Each

Don’t forget that $(each) and $.each() do two different things in jQuery. I’ve spent ages before banging my head because a piece of code wasn’t working as expected, and it ended up being because I wrote the wrong version of $.each. $(‘selector’).each(…) will iterate over the selected elements, while $.each(variable, …) will iterate over the […]

Debian Packages

I’m finding the package manager on Debian/Gnome3 keeps failing to open .deb files I’ve downloaded (for example dropbox). Leaving this as a note to myself to remember – but you can install them on the command line perfectly fine. dpkg -i # If it fails due to dependencies apt-get update apt-get install -f dpkg -i […]

Debian Installation + Missing Firmware

If you install debian and run into the message “Some of your hardware needs non-free firmware¬†files to operate”,¬†then the steps provided here will work. The only difference I found was since my main PC is Windows 10, I couldn’t use dpkg-deb to extract the packages. However 7zip works as well (since they’re just a type […]

Domain Consolidation

Simple note, I’ve set both temporalslide.nz and temporalslide.com to redirect here, through HTTPS (with Let’s Encrypt). That took some finagling but seems to be working.