Windows 10 + Vagrant + Homestead + NFS

Just a quick note – Vagrant on Windows runs horribly until you enable NFS. At the time of writing this note, Vagrant 1.8.3 wasn’t installing plugins correctly, so I’ve switched back to 1.8.1. All you need to do is to add the nfs plugin: vagrant plugin install vagrant-winnfsd After that update your Homestead.yml file: folders: – map: […]

Final Discworld Book

A man is not dead while his name is still spoken. Speak his name – 27.08.15 #ShepherdsCrown — Terry Pratchett (@terryandrob) June 5, 2015 // Placed my order. Not sure if I’m ready for it though. Pleased to see Agnes showing up (according to the Facebook post).

Windows 10

I bit the bullet and upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. I don’t trust it enough to attempt it on my desktop so this will have to do. First impression? They’re asking for a lot of information. I’ve basically turned off any of the reporting tools and have made sure not to sign into any MS […]

Server Move

Just noticed I’d not written anything in many months. Some updates include: Activated and messing around on several projects on GitHub The main one of which is the asset storage system (codenamed larder) I keep trying each year Joined up with vultr for server hosting Moved both the larder install I’ve written and my blog […]