Domain Name Change

The NZ domain folk have unleashed .nz domains for everyone, so I’ve snagged instead of .com and shifted by site across. I’m keeping both, but I like the .nz address as it’s very “kiwi”. Definitely like it more than the old

It’s happening!

Just to let you all know, the book that’s on the screen in front of us – and is well underway – will be the 5th Tiffany Aching novel. — Terry Pratchett (@terryandrob) July 1, 2014 // New Discworld book!

World of Warcraft

This game has sucked me in again. Currently playing a Tauren Ret Pali but I’ve recently started a Blood Elf Frost Mage. Different servers, the Elf is on a PVP server which is different. This is pretty much the reason my outside work projects haven’t really progressed. But it’s just so damn addictive.